You Are in Canada and Your Immigration Case IS Difficult? 

Monday, July 3, 2019

7 P.M. 

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You will learn 3 options that may become a solution for your immigration problem

Refused Canadian visa or PR?

Worked or studied without an authorization?




Webinar Topics

Webinar Agenda

1. Immigration problems - refusal, misrepresentation, inadmissibility, overstay, unauthorized work or study.

2. Solution - application for permanent residence on humanitarian & compassionate grounds (H&C application).

3. Exceptional factors that may overcome your “immigration problems”.

4. Other temporary or interim solutions.

5. Q&A - 30 minutes!

Immigration Services

  • Application for permanent residence on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds
  • Temporary Residence Permits - in cases of inadmissibility
  • Sponsorships - spouse, common-law, children, parents & grandparents
  • Appeals
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment Application (LMIA)
  • Express Entry application
  • Self-employed program
  • Visitor visa
  • Study permit
  • Work permit
  • In-Canada extension


Olena Levtsun

Licenced Immigration Consultant of Canada

Olena specializes in immigration cases that are not straightforward. In her immigration practice, she focuses on refusals, humanitarian and compassionate applications, temporary resident permits, which are exceptional immigration solutions rather than regular immigration programs.

Olena also teaches International Trade Law at one of the public colleges in Toronto.

Global Professional Master of Laws (GP LLM), University of Toronto

Master of International Law, Kyiv Institute of International Relations

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